Hot Glass Casting

Dates: Monday 20 to Thursday 23 August
Venue: School of Art and Design, University of Wolverhampton
Level: No previous experience necessary
Capacity: 10 students Price: £420 (including VAT)

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John Lewis was one of the first artists to open a hot glass studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, in 1969. For the first 10 years his focus was glass blowing. In 1980, his attention turned to hot glass casting as a sculptural medium. He built a furnace specifically for casting, which melted and poured glass, and began exploring the various forms possible with different types of molds. John's work progressed into an architectural format. Artists and architects began asking him to collaborate on site-specific architectural projects and commissions, incorporating his castings into both immense sculptures and functional designs. Since then, the studio has completed a number of commissions for private and corporate clients, including the spectacular ‘Ice Falls’ water feature in New York. This feature encompasses approximately 3,000 square feet and rises 3 stories to a mezzanine level. It uses recycled rainwater to cool the space in the summer and humidify it in the winter.

This Masterclass will explore the hot glass casting technique, a dynamic and immediate process, which transforms ideas rapidly into three-dimensional glass casts by pouring liquid molten glass into moulds made of different materials, such as steel, iron, graphite and plaster as well as sand. Students will create their own small scale works in unique sand and simple graphite moulds using readymade found objects and/ or pre-prepared models.

There will be an emphasis on design and careful consideration will be given to finishing of completed castings, to include a discussion of cutting, grinding, and polishing techniques.
The difference between the process of casting versus the process of blowing will be stressed in this class.


Photos courtesy of S Bruntnell, P Dutton, C Day, K Brocklehurst, J Christley, M Holm, M Durran, P Wood, J Plant, J Smith, Glass Genie, KT Yun, D McNeill, J Coakley,  J Elliott, S Snaddon, I Dury.
J Low, J Newman, V Bamforth, N Baker.
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