Digitising Glass Design

Dates: Monday 20 to Thursday 23 August
Venue: School of Art and Design, University of Wolverhampton
Level: All levels, basic computer skills will be necessary
Capacity: 6 students Price: £420 (including VAT)

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Shelley Doolan is a glass-maker working predominantly with the lost-wax casting process. She has extensive experience of a diverse range of projects, from small-scale wafer-thin castings to large cast panels. In addition to traditional craft skills, Shelley has acquired knowledge of 3D CAD modeling and associated technologies.
In April of 2009, she was awarded Arts Council 'Grants for the Arts' funding for a research project focusing on the application of 3D CAD modeling within a craft context.
In 2010, Shelley also won the Glass Sellers Award at the British Glass Biennale and also the Popular Prize at E merge, a showcase of rising talents in kiln glass, organised by Bullseye Glass Company. Shelley has recently taken up an offer of a PhD Studentship at Swansea Metropolitan University within the School of Architectural Glass.
The aim of this entry level course is to introduce a different way of working with glass, using CAD CAM processes. Shelley will give an overview of the broader potential with examples.  Participants will gain an insight into these processes and have a brief practical introduction.
There will be an introduction to the use of CAD to create simple three-dimensional models.  The participants will be able to have their model machined on the router and see the rapid prototyping machine in action. Shelley will then demonstrate the process of making rubber moulds from the machined models to show the potential for subsequent processes such as lost wax casting.  

There will be tutorials which show ways to create forms, with time available for participants to create their own models using the techniques shown in the tutorials.  


Photos courtesy of S Bruntnell, P Dutton, C Day, K Brocklehurst, J Christley, M Holm, M Durran, P Wood, J Plant, J Smith, Glass Genie, KT Yun, D McNeill, J Coakley,  J Elliott, S Snaddon, I Dury.
J Low, J Newman, V Bamforth, N Baker.
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