We are currently working on the Masterclass programme for 2015.

What people have said about previous Masterclasses:

“Best bit” about the Masterclasses:

"Had a wonderful time at the festival, thanks to everyones hard work. Loved the glassblowing class with Allister & Darren so much that I’ve booked further courses….."

"Fantastic Class. Inspired me to take further classes in glassblowing."

"Seeing and feeling part of a glass making centre (be it a short time). Great opportunity to use excellent tools with understanding tutor. Brilliant talks glass all the time I was here, and with people from all over the world."

"Very difficult to select one high point as it was all so good"

"The atmosphere on my masterclass and company of most of the participants and all the tutors I met. The knowledge gained and sense of direction I now feel I have"





For an overview of the 2012 programme visit IFG 2012

“General” masterclass comments:

"Just filled in the online form to register for information……..I had THE most fantastic, inspirational time at the masterclasses last time, thank you. Please send me details for 2012 as and when"

"I love it!"

"I enjoyed the whole experience"

"It has been a wonderful time and I am so glad to have been a part
of it."

"Great events, atmosphere"

"Very well organised. I was amazed that someone with such expertise (Allister) would give his time to absolute beginners! Many Thanks"

"The IFG was indeed a pleasure to be a part of. As a visiting artist from the US, I had to opportunity to meet many British glass artists at the Biennale that I only knew from photos of their work. The addition of other events, especially the play and the fashion show elevated the whole festival above a mere seminar of technique and made it a lasting memory."

"Congratulations on a massive achievement - I can't wait to do more classes.  (Would be interested in opportunities before next festival to explore other techniques). I'm so glad I was able to come - thanks to everyone for all the hard work in making it happen"

"I loved it! It far exceeded my expectations. I met lots of great people that I look forward to seeing again. Social events on every night was great!"

"Warmth of everyone involved, a very welcoming and enthusiastic atmosphere, encourages sharing . I was very inspired seeing people working at different techniques. Biennale, excellent, wonderful!”

"Thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Food/bar/performance artists and whole feeling of energy - excellent! Exhibition for Biennale stunning!"

"Thank you for everything. I had a wonderful time and met so many excellent

"Thank you for such a wonderful time at the International Festival of Glass. I had the best time, thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I'd love to be involved in the next event it was a brilliant festival, WELL DONE!"

Photos courtesy of S Bruntnell, P Dutton, C Day, K Brocklehurst, J Christley, M Holm, M Durran, P Wood, J Plant, J Smith, Glass Genie, KT Yun, D McNeill, J Coakley,  J Elliott, S Snaddon, I Dury.
J Low, J Newman, V Bamforth, N Baker.
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