Al Fresco Glassblowing

Call for Expressions of Interest

What is Al Fresco Glassblowing?

A rolling programme of glassblowing demonstrations by individual or teams of glass students,
using 2 mini-furnaces under canvas for the 4 days of the International Festival of Glass
(Friday 24 to Monday 27 August 2012).

The intention is to give demonstration experience to students, and give the public the
opportunity to watch an interesting and diverse programme from glassblowers at the
beginning of their careers.

Who can take part?
Students, either individually or in a group. Recently graduated students
(within 3 years of graduation).

How to take part
The project as a whole will be coordinated by Ann Sloan who will be responsible for scheduling the demonstrations across the two furnaces.  Student coordinators will be appointed from the different universities/glass courses to gather the names of interested students at their establishment and liaise with Ann Sloan re timing of demonstrations. email - aasloan1@aol.com Please contact Ann by 1 July 2012 if you would like to be a student rep and organise your college’s participation in Al Fresco Glassblowing.

What you can expect
• Equipment and glass as described below. If you can help with any of the items yet to be
sourced, please let Ann know.
• Free IFG volunteer T shirt.  We are happy for teams to wear their own “team” t shirts and can supply the IFG logo if you wish to incorporate this, but team t shirts will be at your own expense
• An opportunity to sell your work.  We are happy for demonstrators to have their work on sale while they are demonstrating and for a short while thereafter. We are also happy for you to agree and organise how this will work as a group (eg whether your work is only out whilst you are demonstrating or whether all demonstrators have their work out all of the time) but please bear in mind that this will be outdoors and there will be limited space. In the case of failure to agree, Ann Sloan/the Festival’s decision will be final. The Festival will charge 20% commission on individual work sold for under £100, and will charge 30% commission on work sold for over £100.
• Subsidised camping (subject to available space) at a rural location approximately 10 miles
from the Ruskin Glass Centre (access to a car will be essential). This will need to be booked
in advance.

What the Festival expects from you

We hope that this will be an interesting, fun and valuable experience for all who take part – and for the audience.  There has been a lot of interest from students so if you commit to taking part, please turn up.

You will be expected to undertake a health and safety assessment and to act responsibly at all times – remember although you may be used to working around hot glass, some members of
the audience will not, so you must make sure that they are safe. No alcohol before or during demonstrations.

Please cooperate between teams – make sure that everyone has a chance to demonstrate and space to anneal. It is fine for two teams to be demonstrating at the same time, but only one team will be “miked” for sound.

Please help with charging the furnaces, keeping watch on temperatures, changing gas bottles etc. These are mini-furnaces, so production should take account of this so there is enough glass for demonstrations to take place throughout the day. Plus the space will be limited.

Although we will endeavour to keep the site secure, the equipment will be outside, so vulnerable
to theft.  Please make sure that any moveable items are locked away at the end of the demonstration day.

Each team or individual demonstrator will be expected to donate a piece of work for sale in the fun auction on Monday 27 August 2012. This can be work that is made during Al Fresco, but please bear in mind that work must be (annealed and) submitted to the Festival Office by 4pm
on Wednesday 15 August 2012. Requirements regarding insurance cover will be notified to participants
in due course.

Location and Equipment

The furnaces will be located under canvas in the carpark of the Ruskin Glass Centre –
this will be the first thing the public will see when they enter the site.

• 1 x Minimelt Glass furnace (courtesy of Glass Genie/ KT Yun)
• 1 x prototype mini furnace – built by Ian Hankey (Plymouth College of Art) and students
on the Affordable Furnace Building masterclass
• Gazebo, pipe warmer, bench, marver, gas lehr, pipes (courtesy of Glass Genie/KT Yun)
• Tools/blocks/buckets etc (students to bring their own)
• Irons/Punties (supplied by Glass Genie and Glasshouse College and students to bring
own if possible)
•1 x lehr (supplied by Merlyn Farwell – capacity  TBC)
• Head Mike/AV equipment so that glassblowers can give a running commentary
(to be supplied by the Festival)

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Photos courtesy of S Bruntnell, P Dutton, C Day, K Brocklehurst, J Christley, M Holm, M Durran, P Wood, J Plant, J Smith, Glass Genie, KT Yun, D McNeill, J Coakley,  J Elliott, S Snaddon, I Dury.
J Low, J Newman, V Bamforth, N Baker.
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