Humming Bird Bowl. £160 estimate

Straight Shears (hand forged). 
From the collection of the late
George Elliot.  £50 estimate

Scott Benefield.  Blue vase – Blown at
the 2010 IFG masterclasses. 
Approx 20cm high.  £85 estimate.


Voucher 1: 3 month pass for Le Club at the Copthorne Hotel, Merry Hill. £130 estimate


Voucher 2: 3 month pass for Le Club at the Copthorne Hotel, Merry Hill. £130 estimate


Icarus by Nancy Sutcliffe Optical crystal
Diamond point drill engraved and gilded
with 23ct gold leaf. Dimensions: 7.5cms
wide, 3cms deep, 12.5cms high Guide
Price £275.00


Orange Paisley Fox by Rachel Elliott
Water jet cut and screenprinted
Dimensions: height 8cms, length 18cms,
width 2cms. Retail price £40
Photography: Colin Tennant

Uroboros "Heads and Tails" pack
contributed by Pearsons Glass.  Box of
20 pieces 4" x 25" with variety of colours
and textures. Retail price £150 

Bowl by Annie Ross.  Title "Feeling edgy". 
Height 3" approx, Width  9" approx,
Depth   3" approx. 
Estimated Value £30-£40

Enamelled Bead on Silver. 
All are Artist - Sabre Gilmartin.
Enamel on copper, silver chain and accents.

Estimated value £16

Sunshine Vase.
All are Artist - Sabre Gilmartin.
H 10 inches, W 3.5 inches, D 2.25 inches. 
Blown Glass.
  Estimated Value £20

Enamelled Brooch - Enamel on copper with
dichroic accent and pewter backing. 
All are Artist - Sabre Gilmartin.
Estimated value £25

Cupid. H 5inches, W 5 inches,
Depth 3 inches. 
Cast glass.
All are Artist - Sabre Gilmartin. 
Estimated Value £60

Fairy Godmother, height 26inches,
width 9.5 inches, depth 5.5 inches.
All are Artist - Sabre Gilmartin.
Cast glass and metal.  Estimated Value £150

Mr Moustach. H 9.5 inches, W7.5 inches,
D 4.79 inches.  Cast glass and copper with
wooden base.  All are Artist - Sabre Gilmartin.
Estimated value £60

KZ2 Crucible from Magma Ceramics and
Catalysts.  Molochite studio glass melting
crucible suitable for use up to 1350 degrees centigrade.  Holds approx 50kgs glass at 90% capacity (based on density of 2.5g/cm3).  
Retail value £245


Karin Walland
Unique recycled kiln fired glass pendant with sterling silver chain. Dimensions: 6.5 x
4.5 x 0.6 cm.  Estimate £50



Photos courtesy of S Bruntnell, P Dutton, C Day, K Brocklehurst, J Christley, M Holm, M Durran, P Wood, J Plant, J Smith, Glass Genie, KT Yun, D McNeill, J Coakley,  J Elliott, S Snaddon, I Dury.
J Low, J Newman, V Bamforth, N Baker.
© Copyright - International Festival Of Glass 2016

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