Dial Glass Works (Plowden & Thompson) Tour

Date & Time: 2pm Friday 24 August & 10.30am Saturday 25 August
 Plowden & Thompson
End:  Plowden & Thompson
Guide:  Barbara Beadman  
Price:  £3.50 Adults and £1.00 children 


The Dial Glassworks is the last remaining working cone in the Stourbridge area; although minus its top which was removed some 80 years ago and replaced by a remarkable self-supporting roof. It has a long history dating from the eighteenth century and is currently home to Plowden and Thompson who concentrate on high quality scientific glass, material supplies and prestige ‘Tudor’ tableware. P&T combines the traditional and the cutting edge, with the production of bespoke glass for research into nuclear physics taking place in a factory setting that glassmakers of two hundred years ago would have immediately recognised.

So popular was the visit during 2010 festival that two events are planned for 2012, and numbers are restricted.


Photos courtesy of S Bruntnell, P Dutton, C Day, K Brocklehurst, J Christley, M Holm, M Durran, P Wood, J Plant, J Smith, Glass Genie, KT Yun, D McNeill, J Coakley,  J Elliott, S Snaddon, I Dury.
J Low, J Newman, V Bamforth, N Baker.
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