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Masters at work - Anjali Srinivasan, Shane Fero, Melanie Rudd, cast piece by Paul Marioni and Christian Schmidt
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2010 Masterclasses
Class 2 - CLASS FULL

Maestro Gianni Toso by Avraham Bank Advanced Flameworking with Gianni Toso (Italy/USA)

Dates: Monday 23 to Thursday 26 August
Venue: Ruskin Glass Centre
Level: Intermediate & Advanced
Capacity: 6 students
Price: 395 (including VAT)

Steeped in seven centuries of family tradition of Murano Glass, Venetian Maestro Gianni Toso has spent most of his life creating beautiful and inspiring works in glass. His constant experimentation and background in fine art led him at an early age to transcend the traditional boundaries of Murano glassblowing. Hailed as one of the foremost artists in the field today, his unique artistic vision and superb mastery of the medium combine to create extraordinary works of art which grace museums and private collections worldwide.

Toso intellectually parallels glassworking to literature. Each shape equals a word, and the many forms together equal a vocabulary. Using this artistic form of expression, Toso developed a unique personality that is infused in each of his glass creations. His glasswork is not simply forms; rather, they each tell a story. In his masterclass, the Maestro will teach the students how they can use glass to develop themselves, and express their individuality through the medium. Each student will learn to create pieces based on a word, sentence, or an idea. The Maestro will use glass lampworking techniques.

Pollination by Gianni Toso - Photo by Avraham Bank This class is now full. Please select from our other great classes.

Gianni Toso photographs by
Avraham Bank
Click image to see more images of Gianni Toso and his work on Avraham Bank's Flickr site (opens in separate window)

Masterclasses commence on Monday 23 Aug and finish on Thursday 26 Aug.

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