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Masters at work - Anjali Srinivasan, Shane Fero, Melanie Rudd, cast piece by Paul Marioni and Christian Schmidt
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2010 Masterclasses - Class 6

Touch Me by Silvia Levenson "The Empty Space"
Fused Glass / Kilnforming with
Silvia Levenson (Argentina/Italy)

Dates: Monday 23 to Thursday 26 August
Venue: University of Wolverhampton
Level: Intermediate / Experience not necessary
Capacity: 8 students per course
Price: £395 (including VAT)

Argentinian-born Silvia, now resident in Italy, is well known for her work in glass. She explores themes related to the stereotype of womanhood and domesticity. The infant universe, the family and the role of women in contemporary society are among concerns that she reflects in her work, where there is a real and assumed artistic provocation. Her glass work can be found in many internationally renowned collections, galleries and exhibitions.

This class will be an opportunity to challenge your own approach to working with the reverse relief using an assembled fibreboard mould exploring the ‘negative’ space in a glass block. The technique, which falls between fusing and casting, develops a range of skills whilst focusing the attention on the empty space rather than the external shape of the resulting work.

Masterclasses commence on Monday 23 Aug and finish on Thursday 26 Aug.
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