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Masters at work - Anjali Srinivasan, Shane Fero, Melanie Rudd, cast piece by Paul Marioni and Christian Schmidt
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2010 Masterclasses - Class 7 - This class is now full.

Professor Keith Cummings Lost Wax Casting and Mouldmaking with
Professor Keith Cummings (UK)

Dates: Monday 23 to Thursday 26 August
Venue: University of Wolverhampton, Glass Department
Level: Advanced (underpinning glass knowledge)
Capacity: 10 students
Price: £395 (including VAT)

This studio based workshop will cover the full range of glass casting from wax originals via the lost wax process.

Masterclass Leader: Professor Keith Cummings is an internationally recognised glass artist and authority on glass casting, author of Contemporary Kiln-formed Glass (2009), Techniques of Kiln-formed Glass (1997, 2001, 2005), and A History of Glassforming (2002).

Workshop Leaders:
Jo Newman Jo Newman has over 20 years experience of working with glass. She graduated from West Surrey College of Art and Design in 1985 and completed her MA in glass at Wolverhampton in 1996 as a student of Keith Cummings. She has an in depth knowledge of kiln formed glass techniques and processes which she is continually developing. Her own practice incorporates lost wax casting and fused glass techniques with an emphasis on drawing and mark making. During her time working in education Jo has worked closely with students and professional practitioners within the glass department at the University of Wolverhampton. She is a semi-finalist in e-merge 2010.

Mark Bath Mark Bath is an expert mouldmaker with over 25 years experience in mouldmaking and modelling, working in industry, as a freelancer and at the School of Art & Design, University of Wolverhampton.

Content: This Masterclass will include simple open moulds, pate-de-verre, and the creation of internal voids. Mould mixes, construction and casting procedures will enable participants to experience the creation of a glass form from start to finish.

1 - Introductory lecture by Prof Keith Cummings explaining the rationale behind lost wax casting and showing examples of the variety of work being produced internationally. An introduction to the basic process through presentation and discussion of existing examples of wax originals, moulds and finished objects.
2 - Mould mixes and construction in relation to complexity of form, surface variation and texture, and the disposition and composition of internal colour. Visit to Broadfield House Glass Museum to see examples of lost wax casting from their collection.

Detail of piece by Professor Keith Cummings 3 - Kiln-casting. The introduction of glass into the mould before and during firing. Billet casting. In situ grain casting. Dribble casting. Studio examples of all types presented for discussion.
4 - Casting of moulds made by participants. Studio seminar to discuss issues raised during the workshop. Trouble-shooting, problems and opportunities that have arisen. Discussion of participantsí experiences.

Please note that as cast objects are unlikely to be out of the kiln in time for participants to take away with them, participants will need to make arrangements for their pieces to be picked up or sent (at their expense).

Masterclasses commence on Monday 23 Aug and finish on Thursday 26 Aug.

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