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Masters at work - Anjali Srinivasan, Shane Fero, Melanie Rudd, cast piece by Paul Marioni and Christian Schmidt
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2010 Masterclasses - Class 9

 Prof. Guan Donghai Hot Glass Casting with Professor Guan Donghai (China)

Dates: Monday 23 to Thursday 26 August
Venue: University of Wolverhampton, Glass Department
Level: Experience not necessary
Capacity: 12 students
Price: £395 (including VAT)

An exploration of hot glass casting, a dynamic and immediate process which transforms ideas rapidly into three-dimensional glass casts by pouring liquid molten glass into sand moulds.

Masterclass Leader: Professor Guan Donghai, an internationally renowned Chinese glass artist whose work investigates the traditional culture and values of Chinese society. Prof Guan uses European hot glass casting techniques and adapts them to explore traditional Chinese culture within the 21st century. He learned his glass skills as a post graduate student in the Glass Department at the University of Wolverhampton. He has since established the Glass programme at Tsinghua University in Beijing and teaches all over the world.

Stuart Garfoot Masterclass Co-ordinator: Stuart Garfoot, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Glass and the Applied Arts at the University of Wolverhampton. He has designed glass products internationally for various companies like Rosenthal and Thomas Glass in Germany and had national and international exhibitions in glass using blown and cast glass, and centrifugally cast glass.

Masterclass Technician: Simon Eccles
Simon Eccles Senior Technician in Glass at the University of Wolverhampton with 20 years experience of working in the glass industry at the Isle of Wight Glass Company and others.

Hot-glass casting using sand moulds which are made by impressing three-dimensional ‘found’ objects and models into the moulding sand or by taking impressions from them in resin sand. During the class you will expressively investigate a theme by bringing with you a personal collection of ready made, found objects and artifacts to use to impress and ‘collage’ images together into the sand to be immediately cast into glass. You will also experience centrifugal casting of hot glass into a premade sand resin mould which you will personally carve to define the form, surfaces and textures.

A more detailed brief for the class will be sent to those people registered onto it so you come prepared with sketches and appropriate models.

1 - Presentation of hot casting in a global context.
Carving the centrifugal casting mould Carving the centrifugal casting mould.
Hot casting the centrifugal form 1.

2 - Preparing the first sand moulds for hot glass casting
Preparing colour work and inclusions.
Hot casting form 2.
Cold processing

Piece by Guan Donghai.jpg 3 - Group review session.
Preparing the sand moulds for hot glass casting Preparing colour work, blown glass and pre cast inclusions.
Hot casting form 3 and 4.
Cold processing

4 - Group review session.
Preparing the sand moulds for hot glass casting Preparing colour work, blown glass and pre-cast inclusions.
Hot casting form 4 and 5.
Cold processing

Please note that as some cast objects are unlikely to be annealed in time for participants to take away with them, participants will need to make arrangements for their pieces to be picked up or sent (at their expense).

Masterclasses commence on Monday 23 Aug and finish on Thursday 26 Aug.

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